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Asphaltene Inhibitors

Asphaltenes are best defined as a solubility class of the heavy components in crude oil that are insoluble in a non-polar solvent, such as pentane. Asphaltenes consist of polynuclear aromatic molecules with condensed rings, short aliphatic chains and heteroatoms, such as nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and various metals. These molecules are usually stabilized by resins in the crude; however, precipitation of asphaltene can occur if the stabilization is perturbed, such as the following causes: The precipitated asphaltenes can deposit on downhole tubing and surface equipment, causing decreases in production throughput and processing efficiency.

  • Drop in pressure
  • Decrease in pH
  • Mixing of incompatible oils

Asphaltene InhibitorsAt Superchem, our team of specialists have developed innovative chemical solutions to prevent asphaltene deposition. We can work with your field team to first assess your system to determine the likelihood of asphaltene deposition. Then a treatment program could be recommended for minimizing your asphaltene deposition risk. Our recommended program adopts the best combination of advanced chemistry, application techniques, and monitoring tools to ensure the effectiveness.

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