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Hydrate Inhibitors

Hydrate Inhibitors Hydrate Inhibitors

Hydrates are crystalline, ice-like solids that form when gas molecules are trapped in hydrogen-bonded water cages under high pressure and low temperature conditions. Hydrates crystal can grow and agglomerate rapidly to plug the production equipment. Operators often do not have sufficient response time to correct the problem before substantial plugging has already occurred. The best strategy to control hydrates is through prevention using various techniques, such as insulation and dehydration. Chemical inhibition is one of the effective methods widely used for hydrate control. There are two types of hydrate inhibitors, known as thermodynamic inhibitors and low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI). Methanol and ethylene glycol have been the most popular thermodynamic inhibitors, thanks to their low cost and readily availability. Unfortunately, thermodynamic Inhibition of hydrates often requires a large amount of inhibitors, which is both expensive and environmentally undesirable.

Superchem offers a new class of low-dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) that include both anti-agglomerants (AA) and kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHI). The chemistry of AA and KHI is very different and their mechanism is also far apart. AA’s have the ability to change the hydrate crystal size and the surface morphology; therefore, the resulting hydrates are slushy-like, non-sticking and more transportable. KHI’s are believed to interfere with the hydrate nucleation step and/or the crystal growth process. The interference slows down the crystallization kinetics and consequently extends the induction time for hydrate formation. Each type of LDHI has its advantages as well as limitations. KHI’s are limited to low subcooling and short induction time but work for full range of water cut. On the other hand, AA’s are applicable at high subcooling with long induction time but its effectiveness is limited to low water cut, usually less then 50%. Our LDHI’s are based on proven chemistry, such as quaternary ammonium compounds and various polymers containing lactam rings.

水气晶状物的形成在气营管道工业界造成很大的困绕. 水气晶状物是类似冰块的固体, 起源于天然气分子在高压低温下和水份合成的晶体, 水气晶状物可能发生于管线中的任何部位并会急速累积并阻塞管线. 超美高科技公司产品有两大类,每一类都可以防止水气晶状物的形成或避免其造成堵塞。