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Flow Assurance

Flow assurance is the ability to produce petroleum fluids economically from the reservoir to a production facility, over the life of a field in any environment. It is a tough challenge to economic development of energy reserves in every corner of the world. The key challenge in flow assurance is to prevent deposition of solids, such as hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes and scales.

Flow assurance can be effectively managed if appropriate steps are taken at each step of the control processes, from prediction to prevention, and from monitoring to intervention and continuous improvement. Chemicals are the essential tool and widely used to achieve the flow assurance target. Selection and application of these chemicals require full understanding of the challenges ahead. Superchem’s experienced technical staff has years of field experience to serve as your trusted resident experts. We can help you implement the most effective and economically attractive program to accomplish your flow assurance mission.


Hydrate inhibitors 防水气晶状物
Paraffin inhibitors, wax crystal modifiers, pour point depressants 抗腊剂, 抗凝剂
Asphaltene inhibitors 去沥青剂
Scale inhibitors 抗垢剂
Flow modeling 输送模拟