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Paraffin Inhibitors
抗腊剂, 抗凝剂

Paraffins (waxes) are aliphatic hydrocarbon molecules that precipitate from crude oil at the point where the temperature falls below the WAT (wax appearance temperature) and may deposit on the production equipment. The precipitates can deposit in the production system, resulting in production decrease and, in the worst case scenario, production shutdown. Control of wax deposition is typically accomplished by the use of chemical treatment, heat management and mechanical intervention. All of these methods can be used either as preventative measures or for remedial treatments. Superchem has developed a series of paraffin inhibitors to reduce the formation of paraffin crystals in crude oil and to aid in lowering the pour point by modifying the wax crystalline structures present in paraffinic crude oils. Our products from a wide selection of different chemistry can be used as:

  • Pour point depressants to lower pour point
  • Cold flow improvers to reduce viscosity at low temperatures
  • Dispersants solvents to suspend precipitated wax crystal
  • Paraffin inhibitors to prevent paraffin agglomeration and deposition
  • Wax crystal modifiers to keep the wax crystal in small sizes

Our technical experts can assess your production or pipeline system and recommend the most cost-effective treatment program, allowing you to maintain the optimal level of operation. We offer the following chemistry and their combination in our product line to address each unique situation.

  • Copolymers of α-olefins and esters, such as maleic anhydride and Alpha-olefin Copolymers
  • Copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate
  • Copolymers of esters and vinyl acetate
  • Polyesters, such as alkylene polyacrylates, polymethacrylates

腊分子在大部分的原油中都含有其凝固点, 在低温卞容易凝固累秸终至阻塞管线。超美高科技公司的抗腊剂可以降低腊的凝固点并减低石油的粘度,让石油在低温下可以顺利的输送。