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Scale Inhibitors

Oilfield scales is insoluble inorganic minerals that can deposit in production system from downhole to topside equipment. Scale deposition can also occur when produced water from different sources with different ion contents is mixed. Injection of sea water to reservoir for pressure maintenance can cause additional scaling problems if the formation brine is rich in barium and strontium.

Scale inhibitors prevent scale deposits in production tubing and flowlines to help maximize production volume and reduce downtime. Superchem manufactures, supplies, and supports a full range of conventional as well as proprietary scale inhibitors and scale removers to treat scale problems in oil and gas production. We offer a product line covering the following chemistry that to address different scale inhibition requirements.

  • Phosphate Esters
  • Phosphonates
  • Polymers
  • Formulations

Scale InhibitorsOur inhibitors can be used continuously or used in the batch type of squeeze treatment. To develop a comprehensive scale inhibition program is a complex process involving computer modeling, inhibitor selection, application method, performance monitoring and residual analysis. Suppertime’s engineers are experienced and ready to design and implement the most effective program to address your scale inhibition needs. Scale inhibitors are usually applied by continuous injection or batch squeeze treatment.

油气的生产过程中经常包含地下水, 地下水溶解很多的矿物质,很易沉淀下来。一旦温度与压力遭遇改变,这些沉淀的无机物便是阻塞管道的污垢。这些无机矿物质如碳酸钙 、硫化钡 、硫化钙 、 硫化铁等, 超美高科技公司的产品能够防止这些无机污垢产生,让无机的矿物质继续溶于水中。