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BiocidesTo counter the threats of bacteria in oil and gas systems, Superchem provides a complete range of registered biocides to control bacteria growth and related operational problems, such as microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and biogenic (bacterially-generated) fouling. The immediate benefits include increased production capacity, reduced frequency for costly well interventions, and lower costs for piping and equipment maintenance. Upon request, our resident experts can perform a comprehensive onsite survey of the bacteria infestation in your system. We will work with you to develop preventative measures to stop bacteria growth. We can also design a remediation plan to handle severely fouled systems. Our goal is to increase your production uptime and lower your HSE (health, safety and environment) risks through the use of the most appropriate product, application technology and monitoring program. Our biocide product line includes the following chemistry that is used worldwide with a proven track record:

  • Glutaldehyde
  • Quaternary amines
  • THPS (TetrakisHydroxymethylPhosphonium Sulfate)
  • Blends