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Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors Superchem's corrosion inhibitors are effective in a range of environments and formulated in different solvent packages to ensure their compatibility with the fluids of the systems being treated. Some have been developed for severe conditions found in offshore production worldwide. All of our products have been extensively tested in our contracted laboratories in Texas to ensure the performance meet the targeted criteria, which are determined based on the requirements for specific application. We have screened numerous types of inhibitor chemistry under conditions of different shear, temperature, pressure and environment (sweet and sour). Our treatment programs span from downhole tubing to surface processing facilities, and further to transportation systems. Our products can be applied continuously or through various types of batch treatments. Corrosion inhibitors are formulated in three major solubility classes, including oil-soluble, oil-soluble/brine-dispersible and water-soluble products. Our inhibition programs are typically implemented in the following systems:

  • Downhole tubing
  • Production flowlines and gathering systems
  • Water injection lines
  • Gas processing systems
  • Multiphase pipelines
  • Gas transmission lines

超美高科技公司的防腐蚀剂是根据管线状况以及流体特性来设定其成份,所有产品己经由在美国德洲的特约实验室密集测试,以确保百分之百的效力, 并在最恶劣的环境下证实其成果.产品归为三大类; 1, 油容性 2, 油水并容性3, 水溶性。