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H2S Scavengers

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, also referred to as sour gas, is very corrosive to production equipment from well to surface. The specification for H2S contained in the sales gas is restricted to a very low level, usually less than 4 ppm. Superchem’s H2S scavenger product line is specifically developed to remove H2S gas from process streams to improve safety, protect equipment and meet sales specifications.

硫化氢是属于酸牲气体, 是腐蚀性极强的物质, 超美高科技公司的产品能有效除去溶于水中的硫化氢以保护管线。

We offer a range of product formulations to meet our customers’ need for H2S removal. We sell exclusively liquid scavengers that come in water-soluble as well as oil soluble packages. Our products are fast acting compounds that usually complete the scavenging process in a brief duration as short as 10 to 20 seconds. Our chemistry is very competitive based on the known classes as listed below.

  • Amines (e.g., triazines)
  • Caustic (e.g., sodium hydroxide)
  • Aldehydes (e.g., formaldehydes)
  • Miscellaneous (e.g., metal oxides, nitrites)