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Integrity Management

Superchem offers a suite of corrosion control chemicals that are supported by a team of experts with many years of world-class research and practical experience. We have a wide selection of chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, biocides, oxygen scavengers and hydrogen sulfide scavengers. Corrosion in oilfields is a complex phenomenon. In addition to supplying chemicals, we add extra values by providing high quality integrity management services, such as corrosion modeling and monitoring. These help achieve a more effective mitigation solution based on better understanding of the corrosion mechanism. Our field engineers and technical consultants have a thorough knowledge of the interplay of various system parameters and their effect on overall corrosion. By working closely with customers, they can recommend and help implement a management program that empowers customers the ability to manage the risk associated with corrosion. The ensuing benefit is a direct contribution to increased profits as a result of extended asset life, reduced failure rates, and improved operability of the production systems.

基于经济考量,现代管线经营著重于现有的管线维修。腐蚀和菌害是损坏管线的最大敌人。超美高科技公司以丰富的经验和研发技术提供一系列的产品和服务来维护客户的管线正常运转。超美高科技公司的有效产品包括防腐蚀剂, 防菌剂, 除氧剂, 除硫化氢剂, 以及程序模拟, 防腐监控等服务。

Corrosion inhibitors 腐蚀剂
Biocides 防菌剂
Oxygen scavengers 除氧剂
H2S scavengers 除防硫化氢剂
Corrosion modeling and corrosion monitoring 程序模拟和防腐监控