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Corrosion Modeling and Corrosion Monitoring

Computer modeling is an essential tool to assess the corrosion risks so proper measures can be taken in the project design phase. This tool can also be used for the existing assets to determine the corrosion mechanism, assist failure analysis and eventually recommend corrective solutions. Superchem’s experienced consulting team can review your system and apply the proper models to determine areas of high corrosion risks and recommend the most effective control solutions, either chemically, metallurgically, operationally or a combination. We use industry recognized corrosion and flow models, such as NORSOK, Cassandra, de Warrd-Milliam, PIPESIM, and PVTsim, to conduct the analysis.

Corrosion monitoring is another important tool for maintaining an effective IM program. Superchem’s corrosion team is highly experienced in the latest corrosion monitoring technologies. We offer technical assistance and implementation for traditional technologies, such as LPR (linear polarization resistance) and ER (electrical resistance, including both regular probes and high sensitivity alternative). We also offer advanced technologies, such as CMA (coupled multi-electrode array) and ECN (electrochemical noise), to monitor your localized corrosion risks. We can assist our customers with respect to the following services.

  • Select the best fit-for-service monitoring techniques
  • Identify the ideal locations for probe installation
  • Determine the monitoring schedule
  • Interpret the collected monitoring data
  • Recommend an effective corrosion control program based on the monitoring results

超美高科技公司使用工业界广泛使用程序模拟来找出最容易腐蚀的部分并提供有效率的解决办法。例如;NORSOK , CASSANDRA ,de Waard-Milliam,Pipesim,PVTSIM.防腐蚀监控是另一种重要的防腐项目。定期检腐蚀速率可以采用超美高科技公司支援的传统技术如; LPR .ER 并能提供更先进的技术如;CMA 和 ECN高解析度的ER。

Corrosion Modeling and Corrosion Monitoring