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Oxygen Scavengers

Presence of oxygen can lead to severe localized corrosion and thus becomes detrimental to the production equipment. Use of oxygen scavengers to remove trace amounts of dissolved oxygen is an economic way to eliminate oxygen and its associated corrosion problems. Superchem offers a product line of oxygen scavengers containing various types of chemistry that has been proven in numerous field applications. Some of our products are formulated with proprietary catalysts to exhibit improved performance over the conventional products without the catalysts. An example of our product line includes the following chemistry.

氧气也是管线腐蚀的大害, 超美高科技公司产品能够有效除去管线溶在水中的氧气。

  • Ammonium bisulphate (ABS, recommended for low temperature applications)
  • Sodium bisulphate (SBS, recommended for high temperature applications))
  • Metal catalyzed hydrazine
  • Sodium sulfite
  • Sulfur dioxide