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Defoamers / Anti-foams

Foaming is a fast, economic way to relieve the hydrostatic head developed by an increased water column in mature wells. This liquid loading, which can severely affect productivity or even kill the well, is conventionally mitigated by mechanical methods that usually suffer wear and reliability issues. Superchem provides foamers that will covert the produced gas and water column into foams, thus reducing the hydrostatic head to help the well unload at a much lower pressure. Additional benefits are also realized in reduction of salt depositions in wells and corrosion of tubing due to water column. Our experts are very experienced in helping our customers choose the most economic products with custom design of appropriate deployment technique to fit the applications.



While foam is useful in well unloading and other oilfield operations, it can be a nuisance in the production and separation processes. Excess foaming often leads to liquid carryover that will damage compressors. It can also result in gas carry under to lower processing efficiency. Operators often have to cut down the flow rate or, in severe cases, to shut down the production due to excess foaming. Superchem offers a comprehensive defoamer product line that covers a wide range of applications to fit your needs. Our chemistry include the following field proven compounds.

  • Silicones (e.g., polydimethylsilicone)
  • Fluorosilicones
  • Polyglycol esters