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DRA and FI

The increasing demand for oil and gas and the limited infrastructure to produce and transport these fluids presents an ongoing challenge to the producers. One major limitation of pipeline throughput capacity is the “drag” in the line. Drag is the pressure drop resulting from friction loss and interfacial turbulence. Boosting flow rate will increase “drag” and therefore may be severely curtailed by the existing pipeline pressure limit or pump capability. Superchem’s drag reducing agents (DRA) and flow improvers (FI) product line is specifically developed to take on this challenge. Our chemicals can increase production and transportation efficiency by as high as 80%. We offer a huge potential for your return on investment by eliminating the need for capital to increase capacity and by generating additional revenues from the increased throughput.

We offer different DRA and FI to meet the stringent but unique requirements for different applications. Our products share the same characteristics – they are applied to turbulent fluid streams to increase throughput and decrease pressure drop. The benefit is demonstrated in increased production and higher pump efficiency. Our products are developed to cover four main types of fluid transportation systems as listed below.

  • Dry gas sales pipeline
  • Liquid hydrocarbon flowlines
  • Produced water or sea water injection lines
  • Multiphase transportation pipelines

Each type of applications requires a different type of chemicals and application techniques. The mechanisms to reduce “drag” are very different between these techniques. When your system is carefully analyzed for the right product and deployment technique by our technical experts, Superchem’s DRA and FI technologies can help exceed the maximum efficiency beyond your previous design limit.

油气需求日益增进现有的管道已不敷使用。增强油气管道输送量最经济有效的方法是减低油气输送阻力。阻力是由于磨擦损失和乱流所导致的压降。超美高科技公司的产品 (DRA) 和 (FI) 抗阻剂已经成熟发展可以增加油汽输送量达到30%.更重要的是确保油气供应. 为广大人民增进生活水平。