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Emulsion Breakers
拨乳剂 (油水分离)

Oilfield emulsions are stable mixtures of immiscible components formed when produced water mixed intimately with crude oils and stabilized by naturally occurring emulsifiers, men-made surfactant additives or other produced sediments (e.g., sands, silts and clays). Breaking oilfield emulsions efficiently is critical for meeting production targets and export crude specifications. Since no two emulsions are alike, emulsion breakers that have worked in one location might not be effective in another. Even emulsions from a single source can vary over time. Ultimately each emulsion is unique and therefore emulsion breakers (or demulsifiers) must be selected and even formulated on a case-by-case basis, usually in the field. Superchem offers leading-edge technologies and field expertise to deliver successful demulsification programs. Our technical experts can analyze your entire production system to determine the root causes of emulsion formation and make recommendations for process improvements or chemical applications.

Superchem's emulsion breakers are designed to resolve both naturally occurring and production induced crude oil emulsions to produce substantially dry crude oil at a minimum cost. Our products are formulated from field proven components that treat virtually all types of emulsions. We can also perform onsite bottle testing and formulation to custom blend a product to meet the specific need for individual field. Shown below is a list of commonly used components in our products.

  • Alkoxylates (e.g., ethoxylates, propoxylates and copolymers)
  • Resins (e.g., alkoxylated alkyl phenol and formaldehyde resins)
  • Sulfonates (e.g., alkyl aryl sulfonates)
  • Polyglycol esters

我们的拨浮剂最大的功能是有效率的快速分离油水, 最佳目的是得到干净的油和排出干净的水以符合环保要求。