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When there is an abundance of water production in oil and gas systems, the produced gas gradually decreases in pressure and eventually becomes unable to displace the accrued water. This can lead to decreased production, and sometimes, to the premature end of a well. Foaming is a fast, economic way to resolve this problem by relieving the hydrostatic head developed by an increased water column in mature wells. This liquid loading, which can severely affect productivity or even kill the well, is conventionally mitigated by mechanical methods such as swabbing and plunger-lift However, equipment usually suffers wear and reliability issues that increasingly make mechanical solutions a problematic choice.

Superchem provides foamers that will covert the produced gas and water column into foams, thus reducing the hydrostatic head to help the well unload at a much lower pressure. Additional benefits are also realized in reduction of salt depositions in wells and corrosion of tubing due to water column. Proper selection of foamers depends on the gas composition as well as water and hydrocarbon chemistry. Our experts are very experienced in helping our customers choose the most economic products with custom design of appropriate deployment technique to fit the applications.