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Separation and Production Optimization

The presence of water and oil emulsions in the formation and the advent of secondary and tertiary recovery methods have led to a highly technical and competitive challenge in separating crude oil and produced water. Superchem offers proven technologies to enhance oil/water separation and optimize production. By improving separation process, our products can help you deliver cleaner oil for sales and cleaner water for disposal or re-injection. Our emulsion breakers and water clarifiers can deliver faster water drop, sharper oil/water interface and superior water quality. Our foamers, DRA’s and FI’s can reduce viscosity, density or friction to maximize the flow efficiency and consequently increase the production rate and throughput capacity.


Emulsion Breakers (Demulsifiers) 拨乳剂
Water clarifiers (reverse emulsion breakers) 脱油净水剂
Foamers 起泡, 去泡剂
De-foamers, Anti-foam
Drag reducing agents (DRA) and Flow improvers (FI) 减阻剂