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Water Clarifiers

Produced water often contains residual quantities of oils and solids. These contaminants must be removed before disposal of produced water either through overboard discharge or re-injection to subsurface. The quality of the produced water directly impacts the production efficiency. High quality water enhances reservoir life, helps maintain injectivity and reduces disposal costs for waterflooding operations. In contrast, poor water quality can create operational problems if re-injected to the formation or out of compliance with environmental obligations and regulations if discharged overboard.

Various types of process equipment can be used to significantly improve produced water quality. However, often times mechanical equipment alone is insufficient to produce the water quality needed and thus use of water clarifiers is necessary to achieve the requirement. These chemicals are also referred to as reverse emulsion breakers, which are specially developed to clean produced water.

Superchem offers the best water clarifiers that are formulated from the chemistry well recognized and widely used in the oil industry. We have unique chemistry that helps the coagulation of oils and particles through charge neutralization, surface wetting and interfacial tension reduction. Our special polymers help the flocculation of large, coagulated particles for easy removal. The backbone of our products comes from the careful selection and formulation of the following chemical classes.

  • Metal salts
  • Solution polymers (e.g., polyamines, polyols)
  • Latex polymers (e.g., polyacrylamides)
  • Carbamates (e.g., dithiocarbamate, DTC)

我们的脱油净水剂主要在排除水中杂质如; 沙,泥, 腐蚀物和油垢来确保排放出干净的水以符合环保要求。